Q: You're a queer poet wondering "but what if I don't get nominated, can I still read for exquisites"?

A: If you show up for community, then community will show up for you⋆。°✩

What we mean by this is: If you haven't been nominated and would like to read for exquisites not to worry! All we ask is that you show up to one of our upcoming readings, lending your time and ears to your community. exquisites readings are the first thursday of every month at Art Cafe+Bar. You can join our audience IRL or virtually on zoom.

Post the reading do what queers do best & slide into our DMs ༺ with your name and contact info. We'll be sure to add you to a future line-up.

Poets who come to us by DM or email help to expand the exquisites constellation of readers & connect queer poets to one another in a more inclusive and expansive way. So, don't be shy we'd love to have you!