exquisites throuple - anthos vol 1, 2 & 3

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exquisites volume 1, April 2023
exquisites volume 2, November 2023
exquisites volume 3, April 2024

Volumes 1, 2 and 3 of the exquisites limited run microanthology seires:

Volume 1 consists of January-April 2023 exquisites readers. This anthology holds over 60 pages of queer poetry and literary discourse, including interviews with poets Stephanie Young and Truong Tran on the legacy of Mills College Poetry and Book Art MFAs, and diving into the archives with contributing poet and chapbook cover designer Lyn Patterson.

Each copy of the exquisites chapbook volume 1 comes with and image insert of JEB portrait of the 1982 Old Wives Tales bookstore & team. As well as, Robert Giard's 1987 Five Members of Other Countries portrait.

Edited by & Interior Design: exquisites (danilo machado and Em Marie Kohl)
Cover Design: Lyn Patterson
Riso Printed by: Eucalyptus Press (Oakland, CA) by Lyn Patterson
Cover Font: Du Bois, by Vocal Type
Interior Font: Dover Text by Tiny Type Co.

Contributing Poets:
griffin jing martin
Gia Gonzales
Kat Rejsek
Stephanie Young
Peach Kander
V Conaty
Nicholas Goodly
Isabella Willms-Jones
Briana Grogan
Clare Lillston
Nancy Huang
Mimi Tempestt
Christina D. Rodriquez
Lyn Patterson
Raihana Jacqueline Hayes-Venerable
Jude Misick
Truong Tran

exquisites volume 1 is held within the GLBT Historical Society Museum & Archives in San Francisco, CA

Volume 2 consists of of the May-August 2023 exquisites readers, with accompanying risograph dust jacket. This anthology holds over 40 pages of queer poetry and features linocut art and reflections on the archive by contributing poet & creative Alexis Aceves Garcia. Each copy of the exquisites volume 2 also comes with a graphic insert by Aceves Garcia.

Edited by & Interior Design: exquisites (danilo machado and Em Marie Kohl)
Cover & Interior Art : Alexis Aceves Garcia
Font: Dover Text by Tiny Type Co.
Risograph dust jackets & inserts printed by: Gianna Meola

Contributing Poets:
Andrea Abi-Karam
Alexis Aceves Garcia
Kimberly Alidio
Emily Bark Brown
Catherine Chen
Michael Genese
Juliet Gelfman-Randazzo
Valeries Hsiung
Em Marie Kohl
danilo machado
Devyn Mañibo
Maura M. Modeya
Margaret Rhee
Sahar Romani
Sreshtha Sen
Stacy Szymazek
Rebecca Teich
Isabella Willms-Jones

The poets featured in this third exquisites anthology will be from September-December 2023 readings, including the special event production at Brooklyn Art Haus for the New York launch of Mimi Tempestt's 'the delicacy of embracing spirals'.

Volume III contributing poets:

Amy Berkowitz
Ghinwa Jawhari
Raphael Lassauze
Noah Arhm Choi
Elliott Sky Case
Bronte Heron
John-Francis Quiñonez
Ripley Mandanis
Dina Abdulhadi
Kaur Alia Ahmed
Tae Min Suh
Alyisha Almeida
Jason Lipeles
Lucien Spect
Kyle Carrero Lopez
jason b crawford
Omotara James
Jasmine Reid
Dior J. Stephens
Malcolm Tariq
Mimi Tempestt

⋆。° exquisites is a Brooklyn based queer poetry reading, workshop, and publication series learn more about us on our about page ⋆。°